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Letterman's farewell: "A classy lesson in blubber-free humility"

LettermanDavid Letterman always resisted being sappy and partaking in a lovefest, so his final Late Show was as subdued as you'd expect, says Hank Stuever. "He let the moment mostly speak for itself," says Stuever."If viewers at home wanted to cry, well, that was up to them. This also meant that the send-off was probably lacking any particular moment that we'll watch over and over again in one of those history-of-TV retrospectives years from now."

PLUS: The final night was nostalgic but not maudlin, gracious but not mournful, Letterman seemed serene and lighthearted , Letterman ended his show the way he started it — with  irreverence, self-mockery and mischief, it was more upbeat than  Johnny Carson's somber farewell, Letterman wished good luck to Stephen Colbert, Dave reportedly used a fake limo as a decoy to escape to his after-party, 4 U.S. presidents helped kick off the final Late Show, read Norm Macdonald's live-tweet of Dave's final show, Jennifer Lawrence and many celebs celebrated Dave on social media, the  star-studded Top 10 list included Julia Louis-Dreyfus' crack at the Seinfeld finale, watch  Keith Olbermann's final goodbye, and the epic final montage has been in the works since December.