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ABC's "Disneyfied" American Idol reboot is "eerily upbeat"

  • ABC's "Disneyfied" American Idol reboot is "eerily upbeat"
    Source: The Atlantic

    The Idol revival "packs an Epcot Center’s worth of anti-cynicism," says Spencer Kornhaber. "It is kind and gentle and proficient and fakey: Disneyfied in the classic sense. The opening montage crisscrosses the country with images of regular folks pursuing their dreams, set, naturally, to the sound of Coldplay. In the auditions that unfold, the focus is on the prospective stars who get told yes, with most of the nos relegated to a quick montage at the end of the episode. Even the folks who get the thumbs down are advised not that they are bad, but that this isn’t the right time for them, or maybe not the right show." ALSO: Katy Perry is worth $25 million -- she is carrying the show.

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