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Gus Fring is Better Call Saul's worst character

  • Gus Fring is Better Call Saul's worst character
    Source: Mashable

    The problem is Giancarlo Esposito's character on Better Call Saul is that he is exactly who he is on Breaking Bad. There is no mystery about him. There's no potential for change. Gus Fring, says Angie Han, "remains simple. He's exactly the same vengeance-obsessed guy he was in Bad, only slightly younger. If he has any hidden depths worth exploring, if he offers any fresh angles into the nature of obsession, if there's anything else to him that's worth knowing at all, the show hasn't hinted at them." Gus, she adds, is a major character in the story. "Only he doesn't behave like a character. He's more like a machine...He's simply an obstacle to be cleared by the characters we care about – and one we know can't be completely defeated, because he needs to thrive long enough to terrorize Walt and Jesse on Bad. "

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