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Homeland creator responds after fans take out a “#NotOurHomeland” full-page ad

  • Homeland creator responds after fans take out a “#NotOurHomeland” full-page ad
    Source: The Hollywood Reporter
    Homeland ad

    The ad in The Hollywood Reporter is from "a group of passionate Homeland fans representing thousands of aggrieved viewers and fans who have banded together in protest to found #NotOurHomeland.” The fans specifically take issue with what happened to Peter Quinn in the season finale. "Why have you relentlessly and brutally tortured the veterans you depict on the show?” the fans wrote. “And why did you ultimately render Peter Quinn incapable of both loving and being loved?” Co-creator Alex Gansa responded: “It is painful to hear that that even a small segment of our devoted audience is disappointed in Homeland. Until now, I have refrained from commenting publicly on the death of Peter Quinn, believing that Rupert Friend's heart-wrenching performance should speak for itself. I have not changed my view. Suffice to say that I mourn the loss of Peter Quinn as much as anybody and that the character was created not to denigrate but to honor the men and women who devote their lives to keeping America safe. In my eyes, he died a hero.”

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