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Was Atlanta's "Teddy Perkins" ripped off?

  • Was Atlanta's "Teddy Perkins" ripped off?
    Source: Refinery29

    The director of a 2016 short film titled White Face says he noticed a number of similarities between last week's episode and his 20-minute film. “If any of these things lived on their own, single, I would say that they were coincidence, but the fact that it's like four, five, six (resemblances) it gets weird for me,” says Mtume Gant, who first made the comparison between his film and the acclaimed episode Sunday on Instagram. He told Refinery 29 his film was made in June 2016, two months before Atlanta premiered and was featured in Shadow & Act, a website devoted to black film, television and web content, twice in 2017. Refinery 29 reached out to Donald Glover, director Hiro Murai and FX for comment, but so far no response. ALSO: Breaking down the Atlanta episode set at Drake's mansion.

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