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Danny Rucker

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  • Posted Wednesday 3/07/18 at 4:45PM EST Jimmy Kimmel's team did background checks on attendees for the Oscar movie theater stunt
    Source: Indiewire

    Kimmel's head writers, include wife Molly McNearney and Danny Ricker, revealed details of Oscar night, including the hot dog-looking hot dog cannon that was specifically built because they were concerned with the optics of a weapon in a crowded theater. They also wanted to do background checks for the movie theater stunt so they wouldn't have a repeat of last year, when a convicted sex offender who was just released from prison was showcased on the Oscar ceremony. “We hatched a screening, which is very common in L.A., and hoped that no one thought it was suspicious that it was happening next door to the Oscars on Oscar night.” said Ricker. “People had to park off site and then get bussed in because they don’t let people within a three-block radius. We told them they might be on camera for a commercial, keeping it vague but asking them to sign releases. We did background checks and luckily some people in the Dolby wanted to play along.”

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