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  • Posted Thursday 8/02/18 at 3:05AM EDT When do acclaimed TV shows peak?
    Source: The Ringer

    Using data from IMDb user rating data for individual TV episodes, The Ringer generated graphs showing "TV aging curbs" that reveal when comedies and dramas are at their best.

    # TOPICS: Peak TV, Binge Watching, IMDb

  • Posted Friday 1/26/18 at 11:08PM EST It’s time to drop the second screen
    Source: Decider

    “Staring at your phone, tablet, or computer while a program plays on another screen is adding nothing to your viewing experience,” says Lea Palmieri. She adds: "There’s a reason we were all so obsessed with theorizing about Lost, or listening in on Tony Soprano’s therapy sessions: we largely watched these shows without the presence of a smart phone or tablet (The Sopranos premiered in 1999, and Lost in 2004). We weren’t browsing the IMDb pages of every actor or scrolling through their recent tweets. We let ourselves fall into those worlds, no matter how foreign a mysterious deserted island or suburban New Jersey seemed at the time. We weren’t aimlessly picking up cases of fomo from our 'friends' on Instagram or developing hives from seeing a news headline in our feeds: for that hour we belonged to those characters only.”

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  • Posted Thursday 1/11/18 at 2:57PM EST IMDb announces The IMDb Show from producer Kevin Smith
    Source: TheWrap

    The IMDb Show is IMDb’s first weekly web series, which will delve into the film and TV industries, with occasional contributions from Smith, who is serving as an executive producer.

    # TOPICS: The IMDb Show, Kevin Smith, IMDb

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