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Lincoln Adim

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  • Posted Tuesday 7/31/18 at 4:36AM EDT Chris Harrison: Omitting The Bachelorette's Lincoln Adim from Men Tell All was an "easy" decision
    Source: Glamour

    "Team Bachelorette made Lincoln disappear," as Kristen Baldwin put it. Lincoln's name wasn't even uttered on The Men Tell All special following last month's revelation, weeks into Becca Kufrin's season, that he has just been convicted of sexual assault and battery. "First of all, Lincoln was not invited and not welcome here," Harrison tells Glamour. "What he did was illegal and against the law, so that is a very easy call. There was no chance he was coming here tonight, no chance I wanted to talk to him or hear his side, because there is no side. What he did was commit a crime. That’s a very easy answer. As far as dealing with it, we wanted (Men Tell All) to remain about Becca, about the guys, and about this journey. And going there...this wasn’t the time or place. There really isn’t much to explain about Lincoln other than he lied, he deceived, he committed a crime, he’s not here, and he’s removed from the show and the franchise." Harrison was also asked whether Garrett Yrigoyen's Instagram controversy would be mentioned during next week's finale. Harrison responded "that people need to stop putting Lincoln and Garrett in the same sentence. That’s something that kind of pisses me off. What Garrett did is something you disagree with. That is different than what Lincoln did. Lincoln broke the law. That is a very, very different thing than liking something you don’t agree with on Instagram. I have no problem with you disagreeing with what Garrett did. I have no problem if it makes you angry, if it makes you sick to your stomach, but just remember it’s something you disagree with. It that wasn’t something that’s against the law, which is what Lincoln did. Just don’t put them in the same sentence. But if Garrett made you sick, that’s fine too. Will we talk about it? Probably. Maybe. I don’t know. It really depends on the situation in the moment."

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  • Posted Monday 7/02/18 at 1:27PM EDT How former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey blew up this season of The Bachelorette
    Source: The Washington Post

    Spivey, who competed on The Bachelor in 2011, exposed Bachelorette contestant Garrett Yrigoyen's Instagram "likes" of hateful content. Weeks later, Spivey, joined by Reality Steve, revealed that contestant Lincoln Adim had been been charged and recently convicted of indecent assault and battery. “I really wasn’t expecting it to have an impact on this season,” she says of her role as a de facto investigative journalist on The Bachelor franchise. “But I am glad that people have been more upset about it. I only wish that production was making more of an effort to edit Lincoln out of this.” Recalling her own intense screening for The Bachelor Brad Womack, Spivey says she isn't buying the background checker's competence. “There are so many things with this season that seem to be taking them by surprise, and that worries me,” she adds. “I think in today’s climate, you should really be paying attention to not only people who have sex offenses in their background, but you should be trying to make the best possible match for the show.”

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  • Posted Monday 6/18/18 at 8:27PM EDT How did The Bachelorette casting process go so wrong this season?
    Source: Vulture

    Last August, ABC reality chief Robert Mills said The Bachelor franchise would improve its casting process following the Bachelor in Paradise scandal and The Bachelorette contestant Lee Garrett's racist tweets controversy. "We’re in uncharted territory. Now we’ve realized that we’ll look at social media accounts and look through carefully,” Mills said. “Going forward, we’ll be looking at all of that, in addition to the background checks, which of course give you criminal records and all of that.” Yet from the Garrett Yrigoyen’s unsavory social media activity to Lincoln Adim's criminal conviction for sexual assault, it's clear the franchise's casting process needs an overhaul. “I just find it very hard to believe that a well-respected and a well-paid third party that was hired by the show to do background checks couldn’t do a better job than a nanny who had an hour to spare,” says former Bachelor contestant Emily Spivey, who helped uncover Adim's criminal activity. “It is unacceptable that they aren’t taking bigger strides to prevent casting racists, bigots, and now sexual offenders.”

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  • Posted Thursday 6/14/18 at 4:48AM EDT Warner Bros. says its background check on Bachelorette contestant Lincoln Adim failed to turn up any criminal activity
    Source: Deadline

    The Bachelorette producer Warner Bros. issued a lengthy statement in response to the revelation that Adim, who is currently starring on this season of the ABC reality show, was convicted of indecent assault and battery on May 21. “No one on the Bachelorette production had any knowledge about the incident or charges when Lincoln Adim was cast, and he himself denied ever having engaged in or been charged with any sexual misconduct,” Warner Bros said in its statement. “We employ a well-respected and highly experienced third party who has done thousands of background checks consistent with industry standards to do a nationwide background check in this case. The report we received did not reference any incident or charge relating to the recent conviction – or any other charges relating to sexual misconduct. We are currently investigating why the report did not contain this information, which we will share when we have it.”

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  • Posted Wednesday 6/13/18 at 1:59PM EDT Bachelorette contestant Lincoln Adim was convicted of indecent assault and battery last month after groping a woman on a cruise
    Source: TV Guide

    Reality Steve and Bachelor alum Ashley Spivey first reported that Adim, who is still on the current season of The Bachelorette through four episodes, was convicted of a serious crime in Boston that may result in him having to register as a sex offender. Spivey received the following statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney's office: "Mr. Adim was convicted on May 21, 2018 of indecent assault and battery for groping and assaulting an adult female on a harbor cruise ship early on May 30, 2016. He was sentenced to one year in a house of correction, with that term suspended for a two-year probationary period. The judge ordered him to stay away from the victim and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week during those two years. If he complies with the judge's orders, he will not have to serve out his term, but if he fails to comply with those orders or re-offends, he could be ordered to serve out the year behind bars."

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