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  • Posted Thursday 11/08/18 at 9:11PM EST Female comedian who opened for Louis CK in Paris "felt a duty to speak up"
    Source: The Guardian

    Sarah Donnelly, an American doing standup comedy in France, felt conflicted when she was asked earlier this week to be one of three comedians to open for Louis CK at a Paris theater. “As a woman I felt an enormous responsibility to speak up," says Donnelly. "But of course it’s my job to be funny without committing career suicide. Ultimately I took the gig because if it wasn’t me it was going to be another man, and that didn’t seem fair either.” She did manage to reference CK's misconduct by not saying a word during her set, but by pantomiming the acknowledgement that she was the only female on the bill.

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  • Posted Wednesday 11/07/18 at 9:55AM EST Louis CK performs in Paris, acknowledges he's dating a French standup comedian
    Source: The Hollywood Reporter

    Two weeks after he was spotted holding hands with French actress and comedian Blanche Gardin -- who starred in her own Netflix France standup special -- CK appeared on stage in Paris at an English-language showcase called "New York Comedy Night," according to The Hollywood Reporter. CK's hourlong appearance was announced shortly beforehand on Tuesday night. He made similar jokes about his downfall over sexual misconduct, joking again that he "lost $35 million in an hour." He also said "I’ve been dating this woman, and she’s French" as Gardin sat in the audience. CK was greeted with a standing ovation after ending his performance.

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  • Posted Wednesday 10/31/18 at 5:21PM EDT Why are Louis CK and Alec Baldwin claiming that black people are their most ardent supporters?
    Source: The Atlantic

    “They tell you that when you get in trouble, you find out who your real friends are,” Louis CK reportedly said during his set Monday night at the Comedy Cellar. “It’s black people, it turns out. They’ll stick by you.” CK's comment comes weeks after Baldwin told The Hollywood Reporter, "ever since I played Trump, black people love me. They love me." According to Hannah Giorgis, "that both men, white and rich and powerful as they are, would name 'black people'—that hastily aggregated monolith—as their primary supporters amid heightened critical attention is curious, but perhaps not wholly surprising. Their comments partake of a long tradition. Trotting out the proverbial black friend as evidence of one’s open-mindedness or innocence in the face of controversy is hardly new...By allying themselves with black people, at least rhetorically, both Baldwin and CK attempt to access the symbolism of victimhood: The men seem to be cashing in on black people’s oppression in an attempt to paint the group’s approval as uniquely weighty. This is manipulative, disingenuous logic. Black people, even those who might feel sympathy toward either of the comedians, do not exist as rhetorical tools to be levied in the face of criticism. Whatever black supporters CK or Baldwin may have found in the wake of their perceived missteps are not shields to be thrown up when the men do not wish to face the ire of others—or tokens to be redeemed for cultural cachet. Solidarity is a reciprocal endeavor."

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  • Posted Wednesday 10/31/18 at 1:31PM EDT Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle talk about Trump and Louis CK -- Stewart regrets The Daily Show not taking Trump more seriously
    Source: Vulture

    In a lengthy interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Stewart was asked about sexism in comedy and CK's comeback. "I think the question itself is somewhat unanswerable — when you talk about the 'right way' in society to rehabilitate," Stewart said of CK's comeback. "It’s something we’ve struggled with in the criminal justice system forever … There is no recipe; there is no model that can be put together and say, 'If he did one, two, and three, everybody would be cool.' I don’t think it works that way. This is something that we find together as a society, but I don’t know that you can say there’s a formula here that makes sense." Chappelle, meanwhile, was asked about his 2016 SNL monologue following Trump's victory. "I think I said the right thing at the right time, you know what I mean?" Chappelle said. "I think that we had to kind of recalibrate and kind of put things in perspective. I’m a black American, so these feelings that people felt right after the election — we felt that many elections consecutively." During the interview, Amanpour played Stewart a clip of his Daily Show coverage of Trump's June 2015 presidential campaign announcement. “I thought America was going to go, ‘Is that an escalator in a mall? I’m not going to vote for that dude,'" said Stewart, who retired from the show hours before the first Republican presidential debate. "I didn’t think he meant it. And when he gave that speech, quite frankly, I really thought when he said ‘Mexico sends us their worst, the rapists and murders,’ I really thought he had disqualified himself.”

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  • Posted Wednesday 10/31/18 at 12:09AM EDT Padma Lakshmi put on a comedy show in response to Louis CK's comeback
    Source: Vulture

    The Top Chef host's recent night of comedy tried to emphasize underrepresented voices, though she did get a cameo from her (and Louis CK's) friend Chris Rock. "The thing that annoyed me most about (CK's) particular case was that he tried to stifle and bury the careers of various female comedians who called him out on his shit,” said Lakshmi. “And it’s just like, it’s so hard as a woman, as an actor, as a director, as a comedian, as a writer, to even get noticed. And then to have the courage and bravery to speak the truth, and be slapped down and punished for it in such a cruel way, really spoke to me.”

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  • Posted Tuesday 10/30/18 at 6:44AM EDT Protesters descend on Louis CK's latest standup gig after it was given advance notice
    Source: Page Six
    Louis CK Comedy Cellar

    New York City's Comedy Cellar listed "Louie CK" on a white board Monday evening as performing twice that night, at 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. The white board image was posted to Instagram and reposted on Twitter in advance of CK's performances. Michelle Wolf, whom Louis CK mentored, was also listed as performing on the same bill with CK for his early show. CK's performance was met by several women protesting outside the club. “He sexually harassed a bunch of women and lied about it for years…,” protester Lana McCray told The New York Post. “He shouldn’t feel comfortable performing here when he makes so many people feel uncomfortable because of what he does. He shouldn’t get to feel comfortable." Another protester held a sign that read: “When you support Louis CK you tell women that your laughter is more important than their sexual assaults and loss of their careers." The New York Times' Sopan Deb quoted CK as saying, “I need to make jokes because I need an income,” and that he lost $35 million “in an hour” as a result of The Times' original report on his sexual misconduct. “Hard things, you survive them or you don’t,” CK said. “I think even hell you can survive. Hell is not that bad. I’ve been there.”

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  • Posted Friday 10/26/18 at 1:44PM EDT Jerry Seinfeld loves Hannah Gadsby's Nanette, thinks Louis CK could make a comeback but chose the wrong way, and reflects on Roseanne Barr and Bill Cosby
    Source: The New York Times

    Seinfeld spoke at length to The New York Times, again weighing in on the fall of his friend Louis CK. Asked if it was too soon for CK to be performing again, Seinfeld said: "It’s the way he did it that I think people didn’t like. Some people didn’t like that he’s doing it at all. We know the routine: The person does something wrong. The person’s humiliated. They’re exiled. They suffer, we want them to suffer. We love the tumble, we love the crash and bang of the fall. And then we love the crawl-back. The grovel. Are you going to grovel? How long are you going to grovel? Are you going to cry? Are you going to Jimmy Swaggart? And people, I think, figured they had that coming with Louie — he owes us that. We, the court of public opinion, decided if he’s going to come back, he’d better show a lot of pain. Because he denied them that." He also was asked about Gadsby's critically acclaimed Nanette, and how it's polarized the comedy community. "Loved it," he said. "She did a beautiful job, and the way she braided it with the art history she studied in school, that made it fascinating and fantastic." He added that Gadsby "stretched the form of standup" and that her special "is why people are excited about standup now." As for the fall of Cosby, whom he admired, Seinfeld said: "When that happens, that’s too big a safe falling out of a window to ignore. The crash is too loud. The thing I think that’s new for people — let’s take Roseanne and Cosby — is the suddenness and the precipitous fall. So much work, gone so fast. We’re upset at the speed of it, because it’s new. I would say about Roseanne, I never saw anything that bad happen from a finger-tap on a screen. A whole career: gone."

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  • Posted Friday 10/26/18 at 5:20AM EDT Louis CK reportedly was denounced with the F-word but got Chris Rock's support in his return to the Comedy Cellar
    Source: Page Six

    Page Six reports that 10 people walked out and one person shouted a slur at CK when he took the stage at the New York City comedy club. A witness tells Page Six: “Chris walked in when Louis was on and left right after. He was laughing at all of his jokes."

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  • Posted Wednesday 10/24/18 at 9:03PM EDT Why Sarah Silverman should be seen as being complicit in Louis CK's sexual misconduct scandal
    Source: The Guardian

    Silverman's revelation to Howard Stern on Monday that her friend Louis CK would masturbate in front of her with her consent begs the question: Why it took so long to speak out about that experience? "If she knew that Louis CK had a predilection for masturbating publicly and did not say anything when (comedian Rebecca) Corry made her original accusation and was abused online and sneered at by people who knew her and Louis CK, then she was always involved. Because she was complicit," says Hadley Freeman. "Let’s recap here, I say, putting on my Miss Marple hat. Louis CK had masturbated in front of Silverman multiple times. He had also done this in front of her sister, as Laura Silverman confirmed last year on Twitter. So, when Louis CK was insisting he definitely did not harass anyone, was there no part of Silverman that suspected he might be lying? How would that thought process even go? 'Yeah, sure, Louis asks if he can beat it in front of me all the time and he’s done it in front of my sister loads. But these other women claiming he does it in front of them? That doesn’t sound like my friend at all. Carry on, everyone!'"

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  • Posted Monday 10/22/18 at 10:25PM EDT Sarah Silverman apologizes for her comments to Howard Stern after Louis CK accuser Rebecca Corry challenged her on Twitter
    Source: Deadline

    Silverman said on this morning's Howard Stern Show that her allowing CK to masturbate in front of her when they were both young comedians was different because they were equals at the time. “It’s not analogous to the other women that are talking about what he did to them," Silverman said. "He could offer me nothing. We were only just friends. So sometimes, yeah, I wanted to see it, it was amazing. Sometimes I would say, ‘F*cking no, gross,’ and we got pizza.” Silverman's comments promoted Corry to respond on Twitter: "To be real clear, CK had 'nothing to offer me' as I too was his equal on the set the day he decided to sexually harrass me. He took away a day I worked years for and still has no remorse. He’s a predator who victimized women for decades and lied about it." To which Silverman responded: "Rebecca I’m sorry. Ugh this is why I don’t like weighing in. I can’t seem to do press 4 my show w/out being asked about it. But you’re right- you were equals and he fucked with you and it’s not ok. I’m sorry, friend. You are so talented and so kind." Corry wrote back: "Thank you. I know exactly how you feel. I can’t seem to live my life without getting rape & death threats, harassed & called a cunt regularly for simply telling the truth. I’m sorry your friend created this situation. We deserve to do our art without having to deal with this sh*t." ALSO: Silverman  saying she allowed Louis CK to masturbate in front of her helps no one and just creates false equivalencies.

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  • Posted Monday 10/22/18 at 4:27PM EDT Sarah Silverman tells Howard Stern: Louis CK masturbated in front of me with my consent
    Source: Variety

    “I don’t know if I’m going to regret saying this,” Silverman said on this morning's The Howard Stern Show. “I’ve known Louis forever, I’m not making excuses for him, so please don’t take this that way. We are peers. We are equals. When we were kids, and he asked if he could masturbate in front of me, sometimes I’d go, ‘F*ck yeah I want to see that!’ … It’s not analogous to the other women that are talking about what he did to them. He could offer me nothing. We were only just friends. So sometimes, yeah, I wanted to see it, it was amazing. Sometimes I would say, ‘F*cking no, gross,’ and we got pizza.” Silverman said she thinks that CK didn't understand the implications of his actions, especially when he became more famous. “I’m not saying what he did was okay. I’m just saying at a certain point, when he became influential, not even famous, but influential in the world of comedy, it changes,” she said. “He felt like he was the same person, but the dynamic was different and it was not okay.”

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  • Posted Monday 10/22/18 at 10:08AM EDT Louis CK got a "very polite" reception while bringing his standup comeback to the Boston area
    Source: The Boston Globe

    The crowd gathered Saturday Night at Giggles Comedy Club in Saugus, Massachusetts to watch headliner Lenny Clarke of Rescue Me fame didn't know beforehand that Louis CK would be performing. Mike Clarke, the owner of Giggles and Lenny's brother, said CK “was just in town visiting his family and called me," adding: “I have to admit, I was a little cautious." Mike Clarke said he asked the comedians scheduled to perform if they were OK with the idea. The Giggles owner added that no one heckled CK or walked out during his act.

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  • Posted Monday 10/15/18 at 4:02PM EDT Louis CK joked in his latest standup set that he's been "to hell and back" and "I lost $35 million in an hour"
    Source: Laughspin

    According to Laughspin, the comedian performed at several New York City comedy clubs last week and finally though obliquely acknowledged his sexual misconduct scandal. “Good to be here even though some of you might not like me,” he said at West Side Comedy Club, according to Laughspin. Host AMarie Castillo told the comedy website: “It’s like he didn’t even skip a beat with the year he had. He was so genuine and reflected on how weird his year was, tried out some new dark and dirty material…Sounds to me he is owning up, acknowledging, and trying to figure it out.”

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  • Posted Wednesday 10/03/18 at 9:05PM EDT Jimmy Kimmel under fire from Padma Lakshmi and others for his comments about Louis CK's comeback and for calling comedy "very democratic"
    Source: AOL

    "If we get into the business of sanitizing every comedian and doing a thorough background check before they walk through the door, it’s going to be a very empty stage," Kimmel said when asked about Louis CK's comeback in a Hollywood Reporter interview announcing Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club in Las Vegas. "I think people tend to focus on the one or two people who walk out of a situation like that. Ultimately, the audience decides whether someone is welcomed back." Kimmel also laughed off the idea that comedy clubs should be a "safe space." Padma Lakshmi was among many on Twitter who criticized Kimmel's comments, tweeting: "Love you @jimmykimmel but the comedy community can also evolve their culture so that a known abuser who sexually humiliated women & silenced them for decades isn't welcomed back w/ open arms by @ComedyCellarUSA. I know a lot of standups who are NOT ok with sharing a bill with him. A 'background check' isn't really necessary for someone who openly admitted to masturbating in front of/on the phone to female colleagues for decades. We could just, as a culture and an NYC comedy community say, 'Actually f**k that.'" Kimmel was also criticized for saying, in response to a question about female comedians, that "comedy is very democratic. The people who are great, rise to the top; the people who are good, rise to the middle; and the people who aren’t good, don’t make it." As NPR critic Linda Holmes tweeted in response: "First of all, it's incredibly naive at this point to believe in absolute meritocracy in any endeavor, but to blow off the influences of any kind of discrimination in comedy is ludicrous. Second of all: Right in this same piece, they're talking about CK being given a spot on stage. A spot many people would kill for. Giving him that spot is a specific choice made by a specific person or people. That doesn't just *happen*. There are people who would give him that spot -- people who think his comedy is funny -- and people who don't. The idea that it's like the hot air balloon in The Good Place and you walk near a stage and it turns red or green? That's fake. I hate this depersonalization of the ways that people become famous, get opportunities to remain famous, and get opportunities to recover from stumbles. Those are all choices. It's not an algorithm." William Hughes added that Kimmel's "inner Adam Carolla emerged" in the interview, saying his "declaration against safe spaces is still a pretty f*cked-up thing to hear from a guy who is about to start actively employing people, especially since he just spent his last two responses first deflecting the idea that a club has a responsibility to make sure its employees won’t, say, take their d*ck out in front of other performers backstage, and then refuted any responsibility for making sure his club’s line-up isn’t a lazy parade of shitty-but-funny men. It is, in other words, both a continuation of the comedy club status quo, and a major bummer, especially since Kimmel has positioned himself in recent years as a voice for at least some angles of progressivism, ostensibly far removed from his old 'Girls jumping on trampolines' origins."

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  • Posted Wednesday 10/03/18 at 1:47PM EDT Jimmy Kimmel weighs in on Louis CK as he announces the opening of Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club in Las Vegas
    Source: The Hollywood Reporter

    The Las Vegas native is partnering with Caesars Entertainment for Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club, an 8,000-square-foot space opening in spring 2019 across the street from their hotel. “It was an easy yes,” says Kimmel, noting his family's ties to the city, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Kimmel says that while he plans to bring his talk show to Vegas, it won't be at the club. "We’d probably do it in a much bigger theater, but this club will definitely be a part of our show in a variety of ways," he says. The Hollywood Reporter asked, since he's opening a comedy club, about his thoughts on New York City's Comedy Cellar allowing Louis CK to perform. "If we get into the business of sanitizing every comedian and doing a thorough background check before they walk through the door, it’s going to be a very empty stage," he said with a laugh. "I think people tend to focus on the one or two people who walk out of a situation like that. Ultimately, the audience decides whether someone is welcomed back." Kimmel was also asked if he'll use his venue to champion more female comics. "Comedy is very democratic," he says. "The people who are great, rise to the top; the people who are good, rise to the middle; and the people who aren’t good, don’t make it. We want to get a lot of very funny people, and we want to give new comics an opportunity to work. I don’t focus on their gender or their skin color. I’d never want a woman to think that the reason she’s booked to be on stage at a club is because she’s a woman. The reason she’ll be booked to be on stage is because she’s funny."

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