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  • Posted Wednesday 12/05/18 at 1:45PM EST A Celebrity Deathmatch reboot is in the works starring Ice Cube
    Source: The Hollywood Reporter

    MTV Studios is planning a reboot of its classic stop-motion animated series to shop to streaming, cable and broadcast networks, with Ice Cube serving as executive producer while leading the voice cast. Celebrity Deathmatch originally aired on MTV from 1998 to 2002 and on MTV2 from 2006 to 2007. Celebrity Deathmatch creator Eric Fogel will also be on board for the potential reboot. A Celebrity Deathmatch revival was previously announced for MTV2 in April 2015, but it never got off the ground. With this reboot, MTV Studios is employing a similar strategy that it used to revive The Real World, which ended up on Facebook Watch. It's part of MTV's strategy to revive its iconic TV shows. "Deathmatch was the meme before memes, remains a hot topic on social media and will be a smart, funny way to tackle the over-the-top rhetoric of today’s pop culture where it belongs — in the wrestling ring," said MTV president Chris McCarthy.

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