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Tom Tykwer

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  • Posted Monday 2/12/18 at 8:22PM EST Babylon Berlin co-creator: "You have to confront" the similarities between 1929 and 2018
    Source: Vulture

    "They are too obvious to be ignored, so you have to confront them," Tom Tykwer says of the acclaimed German period drama, currently being shown on Netflix. He adds that viewers watching the show have looked at it as being an accurate depiction of Germany in the 1920s -- not a fantasy. "I watched The Knick and I now think that’s how New York was in 1900 and how hospitals were run," he says. "You look at Mad Men, and you feel like it is really representing the period. And I think that’s true to some degree, although we all know the show focuses on certain aspects and ignores others, and has a clear political agenda — a feminist agenda that I support. That’s the way this works."

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