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Curated by Norman Weiss, TV Tattle has been the web's go-to source for news and opinion from the world of television since the year 2000. Once named by Entertainment Weekly as "one of our 25 favorite entertainment sites," TV Tattle keeps industry insiders, critics and fans up-to-date on all of the day's most fascinating TV news. From show orders and cancellations to big castings and primetime controversies, we cover it all.

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Norman Weiss, Editor

Despite growing up without cable, Norman became addicted to television at the age of 10 when his parents put their old TV set in his room. He was born and raised in Hollywood and spent his teenhood being pointlessly annoyed whenever Melrose Place shot on location on his beloved Melrose Avenue. His mom was one of Jimmy Kimmel’s first TV prank victims on the pilot of The Man Show, but she didn’t learn about it until six years later... when her son stumbled upon it on cable syndication. Norman is also psyched that his high school has already been turned into a reality show.

Jed Rosenzweig, Publisher

Like Norman, Jed's unhealthy obsession with the inner-workings of television dates back to his early teens, when he was known to sneak undetected into NBC's New York City studios for a backstage peek. He was also once ejected from a taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater for overexuberantly videotaping the view from his seat in the audience. He's no less curious today, but keeps a safer distance, publishing this site and raising his two young children in Portland, Oregon.

Benjamin Curtis, CTO

Ben doesn't watch a lot of TV -- he spends most of his time in front of his laptop or on his bicycle -- but when his TV's on, it's typically Star Trek. TNG is his favorite, and he still remembers the awe he felt as a kid watching the opening sequence for the first time. For more Ben, visit his personal website at